Crittertude Books

I had tremendous fun in gathering these into books over the years. Share and enjoy – I've made them free for download (PDF). They're also available on Amazon if you prefer.

Happiness is a Warm Tush book
Join an unlikely cast of household critters both great and small as we celebrate Volume One of Crittertude: Happiness is a Warm Tush. From the innocence of Mady the squiggly ferret to the diabolical plans of the nefarious black sneaky cat, Crittertude is a place where life is magically transformed from the daily doldrum of existence to the realm of fantasy, imagination and the occasional unplanned mayhem. Fans of the comic have felt a strong connection to each of the characters over the years as they have made us laugh, cry and ultimately realize how the simple unconditional love of a pet can transform our lives in ways never before imagined.
Aliens Have Taken Our Cat book
Alien abduction? An evil clone bent on taking over the world? A ferret's search for the ultimate nap? Stranger things ahve happened, but none perhaps as captivating as the saga presented in Crittertude Volume Two: Aliens Have Taken Our Cat!
Ferret Dreams book
Note from the Head Ferret: How much trouble can an eclectic bunch of cats, birds, a white fluffy dog and one squiggle ferret get themselves into while living under the same roof? If you've never experienced Crittertude before, then you'll gather a glimpse into the magical realm of possibilities: Alien abduction, time travel, mechanical finches, a devious plot to take over the world (again) and, just perhaps, an unattainable desire to answer a ferret's ultimate question, "Yes, but who will feed me?"
Shiny Things book
Dogs, cats, birds and a ferret all living under one roof in a reality series never before imagined: Welcome to the realm of Crittertude, featuring the real-life adventures of a rag-tag, not-so-fugitive assortment of pets ranging from your ordinary household dog to a squiggly ferret in dire need of something shiny. Captured over the course of a year, this full-color photographic and comedic journey interprets the innocent and mischievous mindset of our furry creatures as they battle on against threats both real and, more often than not, imagined.
So Long and Thanks for all the Treats book
This is it! The final volume culminating in an epic saga surrounding the adventures and misfortunes of pets all under one roof: Dogs, cats, birds and even a squiggly ferret named Mady. Will the birds ever find their place in the house? Does the dog accomplish her goal of a decent nap? And will the sneaky black cat finally manage to capture and eliminate the squiggly ferret once and for all? Stay glued to the edge of your seats to tune in, and find out!