The Case of the Shrinking Cat Tree

cat in cat tree

We have an aging cat.  He’s about 14 years old now, and he’s our last surviving cat.  Lazy Orange Fat Cat, bless her soul, has moved on to greener pastures (Where she can chew on more plastic unhindered by humans and watch the world go by, no doubt).

And we have a shrinking cat tree.

More specifically, as the cat gets older, there is an inverse proportional decrease in the size of the cat tree.  Courtesy of some fancy (not really) power tools.  Really, we just want him to be able to get up and enjoy his tree.  Were it not for the dog, we’d just put his food on the ground.  But you know Booper…

The cat used to need the chair (seen to the left) in order to get to the cat tree.  However, it’s been gradually getting lowered to the point that now, really, the chair is quite unnecessary.  He’s just grown accustomed to it.  Cats:  Nature’s measure of the need for consistency.  Except, that is, for cat trees.