Ferret Lymphoma

One of the problems in owning a ferret is the knowledge that, after 6-9 years, their lifespan is nearly used up.  Ferrets that generally reach six years of age are considered “elderly”.  Tumors and adrenal problems are common, unfortunately.  Our little ferret, now at six years of age, has developed lymphoma.

Ferret Xray left side view

One of the most common treatment protocols is to use prednisone.  Hopefully, we will see a difference in his behavior (i.e., more energy and awake more often) after about two weeks.  Initial dosage for our little guy is 2.0-2.5mg prednisone twice per day for two weeks; if symptoms start to reduce, then decrease to 2.0-2.5 mg one time per day for life.

It was helpful to have ferret lab results to compare to.  By having lab work done a year ago before he started having problems, we can identify the changes to his baseline levels.  The same thing goes for x-rays.

ferret X-ray top view

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