The Egg & I

The Egg & I

Melvin (aka “Melvina”) occasionally goes through periods of egg laying.  It’s a noisy, cacophony-enriched experience that is only moderately tolerated.  Once done, there’s usually anywhere from 2-4 additional eggs en-route.

Birds, apparently, gain the calcium they need to form the eggs from their own bones. While he’s never complained, in the past we’ve tried to supplement his calcium intake with oyster-shell calcium sprinkled over his food.

This time around, we’re using an ingredient from a baby bird formula which includes using Tums Smooth-Dissolve Tablets (750mg calcium each).  To play it safe, we only feed him a quarter of a tablet. He barely tolerates it and I’m sure it’s not the sort of thing he normally likes to chew on (i.e, anything else made of solid matter in the universe).

Note to self: Purchase band-aids when feeding the bird ill-tasting supplements. It’s the prudent thing to do.

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  1. To clarify: the bird gets nippy?

    They’re fertilized — or unfertilized? So you **could** hypothetically fry them up…?


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