Wild Bird Feeding in Winter

Wild Bird Feeding in Winter

We’ve been pleasantly surprised.  Activities that we halfway took to in the past are suddenly paying off, perhaps due to consistency on our part.  This summer, we put out wild bird food (those square blocks) and also a small hummingbird feeder.  A few months ago we decided to put them back out despite the changes in the weather, and we continue to have a variety of visitors!

hummingbird on branch

Even the hummingbirds are starting to hang out.  The only bit that we’ve not been able to tackle successfully is providing a nest for the hummingbirds.  They’re too particular, and we lack the oomph to research the needed odds and ends; if it can’t easily be built or bought, we’ll choose the path of least resistance.

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  1. Is the top photo, with the bird on the branch and the intentionally out of focus brown background, one of yours? If so: you’re a good photographer! Very professional-looking. Good use of the limited depth of field to keep the focus on the bird.


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