Cats, Dogs and Frogs…

comic of cats and dog talking about frogs

[Lazy Orange Fat Cat] Uh oh…

[Black Sneaky Cat] What’s up?
[Lazy Orange Fat Cat] The neighbors. They have a new dog.

[Black Sneaky Cat] A frog, huh?
[Lazy Orange Fat Cat] No, no. Dog.

[Black Sneaky Cat] Why would they want to buy a log?
[Lazy Orange Fat Cat] Have you got wax in your ears? D-O-G.

[Black Sneaky Cat] Oh, dog! Huh, that’s problematic.
[Lazy Orange Fat Cat] Indeed.

[Fluffy Maltese Dog] What’s up guys?
[Black Sneaky Cat] Fatty says the neighbors have a new dog.

[Fluffy Maltese Dog] … Why would the neighbors want to buy a frog?
[Black Sneaky Cat] No, wait…
[Lazy Orange Fat Cat] This is why I don’t play well with others…